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Whether a buff and polish, a complete re-spray or a straightforward re-rope, Performance Sailboat Repairs will restore your boat to shiny showroom condition for optimum race performance.

Hull & Deck
A leaky hull is not fast. PSB will pressure test to trace any leaks and fix where necessary. We will fill and fair and buff and polish for a super-fast finish as well as regrip decks to avoid any slippery surfaces.

Foils & Slot Gasket
Ensure you are getting 100% from your foils – perfect alignment and a fair finish are essential. Coupled with a perfectly fitted slot gasket, performance below the waterline will be optimised.

Carbon spars
Prevent UV degradation of the fibres which can become brittle and lose strength. PSB will apply a lacquer with UV inhibitors to protect the spar. Along with sail track repair and replacement, PSB will keep your carbon spars in tip-top condition.

Fittings and hardware
PSB will inspect and reseat fittings, hatches and bungs to prevent leaks. There is nothing more irritating than halyards or control lines that slip – replace or upgrade cleats, jammers, blocks and ratchets to allow you to concentrate on sailing the boat fast. Tired toe straps? Repair or replace before you fall out of the boat!

If in doubt, throw it out – PSB Repairs will minimise failure through day-to-day wear and tear by replacing halyards, sheets and control lines. Upgrade to continuous lines and tapered spinnaker sheets to help improve boat handling and minimise weight.

Sails and covers
Put fresh wind in your sails. Repair small problems before it’s too late – batten pockets, bolt ropes, leech lines, eyelets, stitching and any tiny holes. A good boat cover in good condition is hugely important for protection against UV degradation, salty sea air, pollution, bird droppings, rain and the elements. PSB Repairs will make sure your sails and covers are in good shape.