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Day sailing, family cruising or top level racing, there is no one better than Performance Sailboat Repairs to prepare your boat – a track record of championship winners proves it.

As active dinghy sailors with a lifetime of competing at club, national and international level, PSB Repairs understand the importance of boat set up. To win races at the highest level, everything on the boat has to work perfectly. Spinnaker chute, halyard, outhaul, downhaul, kicker and cunningham all need to be easy to operate. Optimum position and angle of cleats, blocks, strops and shackles all contribute to crew performance.

Tapered sheets, continuous control lines, purchase systems, travellers, tracks and cars; balls and swivels, ratchets and jammers; electronics and instruments; masts, booms, bowsprits and spinnaker poles; shrouds, spreaders, stays and trapeze wires; daggerboards, centreboards, rudder blades, tillers, extensions, stocks, pintels and gudgeons; wings, footloops, kickbars – absolutely nothing is overlooked.

Our attention to detail is an obsession. If you are striving for perfect boat handling – tacking or gybing, upwind or downwind, speed off the start line and slick mark roundings – PSB Repairs can help you cross the finish line first with meticulous boat preparation.

With championship winners across a range of keelboat fleets and dinghy classes, our track record proves it.